PPC (Pay Per Click) Masterclass

A full course covering how to create winning PPC campaigns across different platforms.

Why invest in PPC Advertising?

For small businesses, your marketing budget is tight, we get it. It makes sense that you're wary to try new strategies, but we promise, PPC is well worth the investment! 

Why? You're investing in your brand awareness. Something that takes years and years to establish without a budget for ads. In doing this PPC drives traffic to your site, immediately putting your brand front and centre. Plus you only pay when someone engages with your ad. Win-win.


What we'll cover

MJ will take you from beginner to expert in 6 episodes...


- Understand the world of PPC or pay per click advertising

- Evaluate the best PPC platforms for your company

- End-to-end tutorial of the Google Ads Dashboard

- Setting up a Google Ads campaign

- Creating Ad Groups

- Creating killer ads

- Learning top copywriting skills and tips

Watch the MasterClass

Get access to the full masterclass below and learn how to start taking your brand to the next level!