Starting a Business as a Student

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About the Event

Ever wondered how some students manage to keep up with their classes and run a business at the same time?

Join us to hear student entrepreneurs talk about the pros & cons of running a business while at Uni!

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The Expert Panel

  • Shivika Pratap is the Founder CEO of AVIKA Limited, a fintech startup she founded after graduating in International Relations from Warwick University. 

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  • Nicholas Gray created a professional networking platform for individuals in the music industry to connect with other individuals involved in the music industry.

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  • Iheanyi Ibe is an accredited Business/Enterprise Adviser and Project Manager with 15 years’ experience of working with clients in the commercial development of ideas, Business start-ups and securing competitive advantage and increased profitability for existing businesses and projects.

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  • Daniel Ghadimi
    Dan's the founder of Bowimi, a platform for drinks brands and venues to collaborate on giving consumers memorable in-venue product experiences. Bowimi was spun out of SocialWise a startup Dan started whilst at uni in Bath.

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