Employee Experience - Fireside Chat

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About the Event

SMEs that focus on improving employee experience will be able to hire and retain top talent and beat their competition

Join us to hear how Anthony (AJ) from The E1B2 Collective and OneUp/Signable's own CEO Olly built their culture and how you can lay the foundations and improve your employees' experience!

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The Expert Panel

  • Anthony (AJ) Vaughan is the founder of the E1B2 Collective a modern day, human first parent company built to change the way organizations design work, implement employee experience and most of all help change that impact work has on the individual employee!

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  • Olly Culverhouse founder of Domo Group which includes Signable and OneUp Coworking. DOMO Group is committed to building products and companies that help make the traditionally difficult, simple. 

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