I can just register my company under my home address, right?

Ok, so you’re about to launch your business, you’re nearly ready to go and all that’s left is registering your company with the Companies House. You fill in the application form, very excited about officially becoming a business owner and then you suddenly see a question about your company address.

You obviously intend to work from home so that’s where you should register your company, correct?

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and that’s why we’re going to answer all your questions about registering your company address in this post.


Registered Office Address vs Business Address vs Service Address


Before we go any further let’s take a closer look at the different types of addresses every business requires and the difference between them all.

Registered Office Address

This is the official address of your company registered at the Companies House. It is the official address of the incorporated company and is publicly available for anyone to view. This address is where you’ll receive all of your correspondence from the Government. The address needs to be registered in the same country in which the company is based. Although you do not need to physically reside at this address it must be a physical location where you’ll be able to receive your mail.

Business Trading Address

This is the address where your company is based or where it chooses to receive mail from its customers. That’s the address you would put on your website, business cards and your products. It may or may not be the same as your Registered Office Address.

Service Address

This is the legal correspondence address of the company Director, Secretary, Person with Significant Control or an LLP member. This is where the official government mail will be received and the address will be disclosed for public records. It may or may not be the same as the Registered Office Address. 


Using your home address may not be such a good idea...



1. Professionalism

With the easy access to technology, everyone will be able to view your company address on Google Maps and it’s very likely the first thing they’ll notice is that your company is located in a private house. Registering your office address elsewhere will give your company a more professional look from the day one. If you choose to register with an established office you may also have access to their meeting room where you can easily host your client meetings.


2. What happens if you decide to move?

This is a very important point you should take into consideration while registering your company address. If you ever decide to move house you will have to change your address not only with HMRC and Companies House but also on your website, business cards, your products and everywhere else it was displayed. Regardless of the type of business, it usually means a lot of hassle!

3. Your private address will be disclosed to the public

The important thing to remember is that your Company Address will be available to the public. That opens your house up to a possibility of a lot of cold callers showing up on your doorstep and a ton of spam mail. On top of that keep in mind that everyone will be able to find out where you live.


What is Virtual Office and how it can benefit your business?



Virtual Office service is actually a physical address which you can use to register your company. Services can vary depending on the provider and there may also be different packages available to you.

By using a virtual office you no longer have to worry about missing important mail when you’re away, looking unprofessional in front of clients or disclosing your home address to the public. It will also remain the same even when you decide to move houses or cities.

Here at One Up, you can not only use our address to register your company but on top of that, you can host your business meetings in our fully equipped meeting room, or take a day to work from our coworking space. 


Already have a business? You can change your Registered Business Address at any time and save yourself a headache in the future. 


Virtual Office Packages Available at One Up

Registered Office Address I  £15/month

By choosing this package you will be able to use our address as your registered office address as per HMRC, Companies House and any other use. This doesn't include any mail collection which means that if we receive any mail to your company name it will be returned to sender.

Registered Office Address & Mail Collection I £20/month

By choosing this package you will be able to use our address as your registered office address as per HMRC, Companies House and any other use. We will also receive mail and parcels addressed to your company and will hold them for collection by you.

Registered Office Address & Mail Management I £35/month

Our most comprehensive package that allows you to use our address as your registered office address as per HMRC, Companies House and any other use. We will also receive and hold any mail and parcels for addressed to your company. On top of that, we’ll also scan and email you all your letters so that you never miss anything important!


We hope that this little guide will help you understand the different types of company addresses as well as give you more understanding of virtual office service. If you’ve got any questions about our offer you can send them to karolina@oneupcoworking.com.

Or get your Office Address now!



Karolina Ba

Written by Karolina Ba