Well, it’s definitely been an unusual few months since we reopened OneUp back in August!

Since then we’ve (safely) welcomed a number of people back to our hotdesks, content studio and meeting room but alas in line with the government guidelines for a second lockdown we are closing our space again.

This definitely doesn’t mean we’re going away though!


Virtual Events

Over lockdown one our virtual expert panel events proved to be pretty popular - covering a range of topics from home photography, PR, branding, and employee experience - and we’ll be back with more to keep you informed over lockdown 2.0.

Events will be held every week in November to keep you learning and supported if you need it. You can join the conversation in a live Q&A at the end of each episode.

Upcoming events: 

  •  Google Ads for Small Business - Advertising 101
  •  How to optimise your online business 

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Masterclass Series

Intending to use lockdown 2 to grow your skills? Our Masterclasses may be perfect for you!

There's a range of topics covering marketing, with many more coming soon. Check out our in-depth free masterclasses to learn or polish up your skills in:

  • Email Marketing for Small Business
  • Social Media for Small Business
  • PPC (pay per click) Advertising for Small Business



Virtual Communities

A place for lively discussion we’ll be stirring some debates on topics that could help your business. Watched one of our virtual events and want to get into some more detail? Check out the discussions on our online communities on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Important updates to the space & our services

Hot Desking

For the moment we’ll be shut until 2nd Dec but that may change depending on whether the lockdown gets extended or not. If you’d like to be notified when we’re open again sign up here.


Mail Collection

If you’re one of our Virtual Office users then know that Royal Mail will be holding all post until our building is back open again. If you have anything urgent that might be sent to you please let us know and we’ll try and arrange getting it to you.


Meeting Room & Content Studio

Along with our main spaces these will be closed until lockdown ends but we look forward to safely welcoming back groups - the content studio can be used to create brilliant professional online content for your business and if you’re looking for a large space to bring remote workers together for a socially distanced team day our meeting room is perfect!


We really do look forward to welcoming you back to OneUp when we are sure we can but until then stay safe everyone!

Sarah Classick

Written by Sarah Classick