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Top Tips from Expert Photographer, Dominika Scheibinger


Expert photographer and  Eighty-Six Studios agency founder, Dominika Scheibinger teaches us her most important lessons for small-business photography. 

Running low on ideas for social media posts? Not sure how or what to photograph to best engage your followers? We all have to wrangle the social media beast and its hunger for visual content. To become manageable, we all need a little helping hand and some guidance.

Because social media will help you reach audiences you could never dream of otherwise. If you get it right, the benefits are huge. If you're a budding business needing to get a handle on your social media, there's no time like the present.

So, we talked to the fantastic Dominika who founded her photography agency, Eighty-Six Studios, in July of 2018. She has a wealth of knowledge and a huge amount of success with some of the biggest names, such as Vogue and GQ.. Here are her top tips for getting good content for your small business!


Q: Do I need expensive lights or a studio set up? 

DS: I know that lots of businesses when they start, don’t have loads of budget and they need constant social media content. So businesses always ask me, “what sort of light do I need?” or “Do I need a great camera?”

No. You only need your mobile phone and as long as you understand how natural light works, you can create really amazing content.  


Q: What can I use for a backdrop to make my photo look professional?

DS: About backdrops, I’d say anything you have at home can be an amazing backdrop, from book covers to your walls to outside your house -brick walls look absolutely amazing for product shoots.

My favourite backdrop is actually my old sheet I meant to throw away. It is so used that it gives amazing texture. If you want nice, bright and light photography, put something white by a window. White will bounce off the light and you’ll have amazing bright photography for your product.


Q: How do I come up with good content for my followers and audience? 

How would you like your customers to feel? This is the question I always ask before I start shooting a product. Like, do you feel like your customers are high-end or someone who would randomly buy something because this really helps me in the creation of the products. 


Q: How can I use social media to get people to buy my work?

Treat the Instagram as a content page for a magazine that would lead your customers to opening your website. 

The only thing you own is your website, so once your instagram is working and it’s converting your visits from your instagram to your website you’re doing well.

Everybody is saying that you need to post on social media on a daily basis, however what is the point of posting if you don’t have strategy.

So once you have a strategy and you know what your end goal is, think, are you trying to attract more customers to your website or trying to get more followers? 

Once you have this, it’ll be so much easier to create a strategy. 

Think what you can show, what is your company about, how you can show yourself, how you can show your products, then plan everything for a month. Then after that, and content scheduling, and planning, it’ll be so much easier later on down the line. 

Q: What's your best tip for a small business on social media?

It’s absolutely mind-blowing how absolutely important it is for small businesses to actually show yourself a little bit as well on your social media. If you’re promoting your businesses some of my clients they use brand images that I took for them as their sponsor posts.


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Ruby Griffiths

Written by Ruby Griffiths