How OneUp has adapted to virtual events over the past few months


It’s hard to remember but before March I’d never even heard of Zoom let alone thought about putting on a virtual event. The plan back then was to try and put on as many events as possible in our lovely offices, but of course by the end of March that option was off the table, so we decided to start holding virtual (or online) events.

Initially we ran into issues, specifically Zoom bombing - what’s Zoom bombing? Jerks joining calls with the intent of ruining them basically, one of the first events we held was ruined due to this - but lesson learnt, we quickly sorted that for the next event. 

OneUp virtual event

The other thing we struggled with was to do with the types of events we were putting on. We found that some events weren’t received as well as we’d thought, resulting in a few sparsely attended events. 

After some re-thinking and brainstorming we decided to let other talented professionals from lots of different industries share their knowledge at our events. Meaning we could share even more with our growing community. We’ve met tons of interesting and informed people who have taken the time to share their thoughts, and we’re so grateful.

The main thing we’ve learnt is to listen to you, our audience, and put on the events you want. So if you’re interested in checking out some of our expert panel events you can watch the recordings below.


Previous OneUp events


Some of our previous event recordings can be checked out here:

We also run a fortnightly Connect Up networking event. Join us for a coffee and a chat!

ConnectUp Networking


What’s next for OneUp events?


OneUp virtual event

Long term we want to be able to hold in person events again, but with the current situation who knows when that will be. So, for now we’ll be staying online with lots of events upcoming. You can find out for yourself what we have planned on our events page here.

Although the events are online, we have reopened our offices for daily hotdesking. Let us know if you would like to come in and check out the office space, you can book a free trial day here or alternatively drop us an email at


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