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A regular learning top-up is an expectation we all have for ourselves. But most of us tend to put it aside for a rainy day. It can feel like a hard thing to start. With so many resources on the web, the amount of information to consume is overwhelming. So, where do you start? 

In the spirit of not putting-things-off, we’ve made the perfect series of marketing masterclasses to get your day on the right track! Our own in-house team of specialists have a whole lotta knowledge to share. Let our lovely pros Tom, Sophie, and MJ take you through everything you need to start out and help your business get ahead this season. 

You can watch and listen to Tom’s dulcet tones on how to get your email marketing just right! Or, if you want to learn how PPC works, which is technically pay-per-click marketing, our expert MJ immerses you in the art by tackling an example step-by-step. 

Take a look at our bite-sized guides below, and develop your marketing skills at your pace!


Email Marketing with Tom

Our sage, Tom, is here to help. He will cover all of your questions about setting up email marketing from copywriting to email design, capturing emails for lists and all the other nitty gritty details involved. You can easily get ahead of the pack by tuning in and learning a new skill!

Email marketing is one of the most important ways of creating leads, tried and tested and still relevant to allow your business to grow. Learn to master this imperative skill and you’ll see big changes to your growth. You’ll also learn how to measure your growth as it’s happening! Want to take the challenge? 

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Pay-per-Click Marketing with MJ

Now you may have heard of PPC marketing and wondered why you’d pay for someone to click your link? Or maybe you’ve started using ppc for your business already? Sit back and let the master walk you through how to tackle an actual PPC campaign and solve real problems through an example dog food company. MJ our SEO and PPC strategist will guide you through an end-to-end tutorial of Google Ads and tips on making them truly sing. 

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Social Media Management with Sophie

 Neglected as it is, social media is important. And, you may be surprised with how much you can achieve with it as a tool alone. Why not learn more about what you can do to be successful across your customers' platforms. You can quickly learn social media marketing with our wiz Sophie! She will take you through the whys and how you should be using social media for your business.

If you don’t know if a platform is right for you, then start watching now to find out. Plus, Sophie shares her personal tips and tricks to making social media a success story for your brand! This one is worth the watch, as Sophie has the experience to back it up.  She's built up social followings for multiple brands, and knows her stuff! 

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Ruby Griffiths

Written by Ruby Griffiths