OneUp Update: What have we been up to?

Since the government lockdown came into play OneUp has been closed.  We've been busy running online events covering a wide variety of subjects from social media for startups to small business photography. (If you have any suggestions of events you’d like to see get in touch and let us know).

We’ve also been building online communities on Facebook and Linkedin. The timing could definitely have been better (not sure when ‘good timing’ would be in this situation!)  but, we’re doing our best to bring people together and share ideas.

What is cool is that due to the success of the online events mentioned above, we’re likely to keep doing these for the foreseeable future! At some point we will hopefully be able to run face to face events again as we have in the past, but until then (and possibly even in tandem with them) we’ve got an exciting calendar of virtual events coming up covering all different aspects of modern business. 


The best way to keep track of upcoming events is to head to our new events page. You can also find our recordings of previous events there.

Another of our behind-the-scenes projects are our new online courses. We’re currently in the process of editing the first course around email marketing. Whilst it’s been filmed and edited in one of our team’s flats, the information is still really valuable to anyone getting started with email marketing. We’re excited to share these courses with you so make sure you’re following us on social media for live updates.

When do we plan on reopening?


To put it simply, we’re not going to reopen our space unless we are sure it is as safe as possible for those in it. We’re currently in the process of working this part out, but we’re hoping that OneUp will be available to use soon.

In the short term we still plan on providing our online events, so stay up to date with what’s going on. We also offer Virtual Office services including mail collection and registered office address.

I think post lockdown things are not going to necessarily revert to the old normal, for many businesses remote working is likely to be the way forward for some time to come and many will be feeling uncomfortable with the idea of sharing office space with others. All we can do is try and provide the best experience possible and try and encourage the sense of community we’ve always aimed to achieve.

Bristol still is and will continue to be an amazing place for entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers. It is a city of innovation and we’re excited to see what the innovative businesses of tomorrow look like.

Post lockdown what will your business be looking for? Get in touch and let us know if we can help.

Sarah Classick

Written by Sarah Classick