Coworking during summer 2020

Hello again! We’re really excited to announce that OneUp coworking is reopening soon. The reopen date is set to be Monday, 3rd August and we want to talk about how we plan to keep our OneUppers safe during a challenging time for everyone.


What we’re doing to keep you safe

Keeping the people that use the space safe is at the top of our list of priorities, with this in mind here are some of the ways we’re looking to keep people safe.

As you’d expect we’re implementing social distancing in accordance with the government’s guidelines, with signs outlining how this works and we also have made sure there is ample hand sanitizer available for everyone using the space. Currently people using the space don’t need to wear masks, but we’re keeping an eye on this to see if it changes.

OneUp is also professionally cleaned nightly. We’re doing everything in our power to make sure the safety protocols at OneUp are the highest they can be. 

If you are showing symptoms of Covid 19 please don’t come in and look to isolate for 14 days. It’s only through strict adherence to the guidelines that we’ll get through this together.


Why use a coworking space right now?

Lots of businesses have found remote working to actually be a benefit to their business and a coworking space can support this. 


A reliable, happy medium between home and work

One of the main benefits of OneUp is it’s reliability - compare it to working from home, you’ve got reliable internet, coffee that’s not going to run out and no housemates or distractions to take you out of work. It can be a great midway point between the corporate office and the laid back environment of home.



OneUp is cost effective and flexible, we offer desks that can be hired hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. OneUp can help keep businesses going and keep the dream alive during this difficult time. 

Check out this case study with one of our long term customers Yena and see how OneUp supported their business. You can read it here.


The present and the future

It's hard to know exactly what the future will bring, we’re all hoping that things will continue to get back to normal over the next few months. 


OneUp Events

Until then it’s likely that our events will be staying online and we’ll continue with our fortnightly Connect Up networking event and our ongoing business panels, which you can find out more about here. We’re looking forward to the day we can start our in person events again though!

We’ve also been using this downtime to put together a lot of exciting plans to help make OneUp more useful to our community, obviously we’ll be playing everything by ear for the next few months but we’re excited to share these plans when the time is right.

If you’re interested in checking out OneUp you can book a free trial day and we’ll be in touch with you when we reopen from the 3rd of August. Or drop us an email at


Sarah Classick

Written by Sarah Classick