Our new OneUp Expert Podcasts are here!


Everyone loves a podcast, right? Podcasts, specifically business podcasts are currently the hottest thing since sliced bread (if that’s even an analogy?) so we thought we’d give them a whirl! 

We’ve condensed our virtual events into digestible audio delights for you to consume at your leisure below. We’ve released 3 topics with industry experts to help build your knowledge on a range of Small Business related skills. 


SEO for Small Business

Firstly, we covered SEO, and how to get your brand ranking higher on search engines. We spoke to 3 extremely knowledgeable SEO experts (and one ASO expert) including: 

  • Alex Dewey, the Senior SEO Specialist at Liberty Marketing Ltd.
  • Serena Pearson, SEO & ASO Manager at Kaizen, content marketing agency. 
  • Marijn Quartel, SEO & Marketing Executive at Domo Group (Signable & OneUp). Founder of Qtell Marketing Consultancy. 

They gave their top advice for SME’s looking to build SEO strategy. We then opened up for a Q&A including: 

  • How do I find the right Keywords for my niche - what tools can I use to find high volume keywords
  • My website’s load speed is showing up as really slow, where do I start with improving my page speed? 
  • Where do I start with external link building? What would you suggest for a beginner? 
  • How important is on page optimisation? 

Watch or listen to the panel here


PR for beginners

We discussed how to get your small brand noticed by the media and how to work with journalists on your articles. With PR experts: 


We heard from the panel about their top tips for start ups and PR beginners, some really great tips even we learned a thing or two! We then opened up the Q&A covering: 

  • How to speak to Journalists
  • How to build the right kind of backlinks for your brand
  • What types of PR can benefit small businesses
  • Writing Press Releases & creating media lists

Watch or listen to the panel here


Employee Experience for Start ups

We tackled the age old myth that start-ups and micro businesses don’t need to focus on employee engagement or experience. No matter the size of your business this process for creating a supportive and growth-targeted employee experience culture is key. 

We worked on this podcast with E1B2 co-founder, Anthony Vaughan. We also asked our founder, Olly Culverhouse why he’s prioritised this within Domo Group. 

Watch or listen to the panel here



Written by Sophie