Ash Phillips, the founder of Yena, a startup ecosystem, spoke to us about their experience of OneUp and how important finding that work/life balance has been for their small business. 

Hi Ash, can you tell us a little bit about what Yena does?

Yena is a startup ecosystem by subscription – we provide business benefits and a global community to anyone, anywhere, without the application. We also enable people to run meetups for founders all over the world. 


Obviously as a very small business yourselves, why did you want to branch out from your homes and come to a coworking space as opposed to a ‘traditional’ office?

As a team of just two, being around other people doing cool things is ideal for us. We love our own community, of course, but they’re totally virtual. So adding the in-person experience onto that was what we were after. 

I suppose that goes for a good work/life balance too?

Separating work and home life made both better as there was a clear switch between focus on each side. Building our own little workspace on our desks helped us add work character in a location that wouldn’t otherwise be in our bedrooms or front rooms at home. 

And you wouldn’t have access to the amazing selection of Park Street eateries either at home! 

Access to great places to eat is fantastic (albeit a little dangerous to the waistline). Convenient shops nearby, College Green on sunny days and being so central to see major events during work hours too – such as being able to see Greta’s speech at the City Hall from our office window! 


Yes, it was amazing to see Greta that rainy day! So, let’s talk about facilities, how did you find the meeting room? 

Fantastic meeting room facilities. Ample space with handy chrome-cast connections. 

How about the content studio, as you were regular users of that space for your Monday Meeting recordings? 

This [the content studio] is one of the key factors that differentiates OneUp from any other space in the city. With our commitment to gathering more educational and documentary content for our community, the ability to do this in an attractive and convenient space was great! 


Thanks so much for speaking to us, Ash. What’s next for Yena? 

Our next phase is focused on digitising our offering fully – developing a platform to help anyone, anywhere, start & grow a business. Navigating through the unknowns and gamifying the experience along the way. We’ve got some exciting plans. Watch this space! 

You can learn more about getting involved with Yena's start-up ecosystem via their website.

Sarah Classick

Written by Sarah Classick