How Has Covid-19 Changed Our Demand For Coworking?

Post-Covid safety concerns, productivity, work-life balance and calls for dog-friendly workspaces 


“I can’t wait until…” I think everyone’s done with that phrase, but it’s true that we’re almost at the end of the worst now and we’re all thinking “What’s next?”. 

If you’re like us, you’ve already had thoughts and discussions of what happens when we’re allowed to go ‘back to work’ from our cosy WFH set ups. It’s likely things won’t look the same for anyone, with many companies going permanently remote.

But, if you’re trying to work out whats best for your company and employees, however many there may be of you, coworking is definitely worth a go, and there’s hoards of people who are giving it a go. 


How will coworking look after COVID-19? 


Well, we have a pretty good idea. With some spaces opening intermittently throughout 2020, we’re dab hands at social distancing and sanitising workspaces. So, it’s sure to look something like we’ve experienced before, masks on when walking around the space, daily deep-cleans of all workspaces and continued social distancing. 

This basically just means you’ll have more of your own space when you come to workspaces, but you can still hold meetings and chat with other professionals in the space. Most importantly, you’ll be able to flexibly come and go when you like with one simple check-in at the door. 


Re-considering Work-Life Balance 

So many headlines are talking about how work is changing and that COVID has provided the needed wake-up call to many businesses that a permanent office just isn’t necessary. The whole world has gone through something catastrophic, so it’s natural we’re coming out the other end with a more mindful approach, thinking about what’s best for people, not just business. 

Allowing employees to work from anywhere involves trust, but it also means they feel far more in control of their own work. Giving the freedom of choice between working from home and a coworking space, leaves it up to them how they’d like to work that day. This gives them a better sense of their work-life balance and puts them in control of their day. 


Productivity in a new environment

We all need a change of environment at the moment.

Our hotdesking members say largely the same thing when they come to OneUp, they want a break from their monotonous daily routine and find inspiration in a new environment. Whether that’s to speak to new people and make new connections, or whether it’s because their usual workspace isn’t ‘creatively inducing’.

I think we’ve all got comfortable in the same environment, and we’re ready for some variation. That’s exactly what a coworking space allows, while also being there as a constant resource you can rely on. Consistent but challenging. 

77% of employees said they’re more productive when they work outside of the office.

64% business owners across the world, say flexible working has had a positive impact on productivity.


One of our hotdeskers explaining why he chose OneUp....


OneUp Pop Vox interview hotdesk_01




Dogs in the workplace

Many of us have found lockdown very challenging and lonely, so it’s no surprise that the number of us getting a dog or cat to help our mental health has soared. We’re no strangers to a bit of puppy love with our beautiful Relationship Manager, Zep, and now with our newest edition, Eevee, Zep’s brunette daughter. 

The below pictures are very important...

At OneUp we encourage our members to bring a furry friend to the space, and want to emphasise that even more as we all ease out of home-bound working. 

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Written by Sophie